Wednesday, March 08, 2006

2008 Shimano Electronica

Son of a..... They jumped right past Campagnolo, it looks like, and now it's gonna be a race as to who can release first.
These are some "spy" pics that are now all over the web showing an electronic D/A 10 group. Very nice. I like the LCD screen in the top of the levers. What would really kick ass is a 1.5x3" flat screen Flite console to mount infront of the stem. Like a flatscreen for your bike.

Now we just have to ask ourselves how much we will see this this spring and what Campy is gonna do to get there 8 million dollar investment out of the stable and into our hands.... Campy's big thing, so they say, has not been getting it to perform, it's been performing very well, allegedly, but as they put it, now they have to, "Make it beautiful."

I think the last thing Campy needs, with FSA allegedly working on a full group and SRAM about ot release is for them to be caught with an electronic group still in development while the HUGE BLUE ELEPHANT IN THE ROOM, known as Shimano, is set to sell their's!

I'm gonna switch topics for a second here to point out that The Temp's little boy-toy, Floyd, did, impressively throw down today to take the lead at P-N. Also, Bettini took the opener of Terrino-Adriatico, but we should notice that once again, Zabel was second. I do not know if we should be impressed with his consistency or saddened by his eternal 2nd placings. I swear, if that guy gets NO wins this season I'm gonna be REALLY mad.

Someone was saying that with being oon the same team as Ale-Jet, he needs to strike out on Break-aways to get in on the early moves and hope they stick. Who in their right mind is gonna risk Zabel getting in an early move?

Alright, more later....

Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Super Freak.

Super Freak got his 9th win of the season today. Watch. They will start to doubt his powers. The will start to question his greatness, but alas, look not directly into the eyes of the beast or he shall devour you, too.

Boonen rocks, the rest suck cocks.

Ok, that was a little harsh, but you know that all the big sprinters went to Tirreno-Adriatico because they are afraids of Super Freak (sans Davis. Props to him for showing up.)

Tomorrow the CSC boys return to the front to smack Landis like they are his pimp, cause they are.

So, The Temp hada boo-boo on his knee that kept him from riding, pansy. I got a leg blown off in 'nam. Know what I did? I bit one off a 'Charlie', stitched it in to place, and shamed it into working for me. Anti-rejection pills are for pussies. I use the power of my mind.

I got out this weekend and beat the snot outta some American made bike loaded up with Italian components. After a few hours, I was gonna do another local loop, but the bike was tired and whining. Zoltar makes Titanium weep. Next I will crush The Temp.

Friday, March 03, 2006

VDB @ Murcia

See, I told you that The Temp was a useless piece of crap. He updates his Blog, talks about a TT win and how he bought some fucking jersey. People want NEWS, mofo, not bullshit. That's why you come here, where I tell it like it is. His Blog sucks, mine rocks... Word.

Ok, so the real news today has nothin' to do with the overall lead, or the stage win at some freakin' Spanish Stage race in the first week of March. Was there any doubt a Spaniard would be leading? C'mon, that's like guessing if an American is gonna focus hard on winning the Tour of Cali... Get real...

The big news is deeper in the field. Look hard, Padawan. Let the force be your guide.... That' s right! The big news is VDB, baby! He came in 18 out of 109 in the TT today. That's important. Tough guy Frank is sitting 81st (up from 93rd) so why'd he ride so hard? Cause he can, Biotch. Top twenty today says, "I'm solid, be forewarned." Frank doesn't have to use exclamation points to let you know he means business, 'cause Frank ALWAYS means business..

Thursday, March 02, 2006

Exclusion based on fear

Today they announced the Wild Card teams for the 2006 TDF. Does anyone know that it's still the beggining of March? How can you tell who is performing. Ok, so to make things worse, they chose Agritubel over UniBet. Gee, do you think the fact that they are a french Team gives them a better shot?

I got a better idea. I'll gather up a bunch of my friends and we'll go, using the team buses, cars, and hotel rooms, but never racing. It's the same fucking thing. I'll wear the little outfit and shoes everywhere, and on days of the time trial, I'll walk around with the pointy helmet.

Agritubel.... Stupid. Almost as stupid as these friggin bumper stickers on ebay. It's MARCH! Ride Road Biotch!

Wednesday, March 01, 2006

CSC is gonna destroy Phonak

Bullshit, no way, fuck no. Phonak going for the win in Paris-Nice

After Floyd Landis' win in the Tour of California, Team Phonak is going to Paris-Nice (March 5-12) full of confidence and aiming for the overall victory. The team will be quite similar to the one used in California, with Landis again serving as team captain. He will be joined by Aurélien Clerc, Martin Elmiger, Robert Hunter, Nicolas Jalabert, Axel Merckx, Koos Moerenhout, and Alexandre Moos, with John Lelangue, Juan Fernandez, and Jacques Michaud directing and managing the team.

Having arrived in Europe at the beginning of the week, Landis hopes to become acclimatised by Sunday. "Paris-Nice isn't the most important race of the season for me," he said. "I'll take it day by day and give it my best. But I'm sure that a strong team will be supporting me."

The race does not feature a long time trial, which is one of Landis' strengths. Instead, it features a mixture of sprint and mountain stages. Phonak will bet on Robert Hunter and Aurélien Clerc in the first two flat stages, but after that will aim to get in the winning moves in the mountains.

Game On!

The Temp has accepted my challenge to be sworn enemies. Ha!! The Game is afoot!

My boy VDB rolled out today in the Vuelta a Murcia, Finished in the pack after a day of protecting the Baden Cooke. Nice work, Frank. Keep it up.

Apparently The Temp refuses to comment on the lashing CSC is gonna hand out. I suppose he wants PHolyd Landis from Fonak to score. Like hell. That boy can win in the US, but in an established race, no one is beating CSC from its goals. No one! You'll see.

Floyd's a freakin' fast mennonite, but he's no Bobby J.

My Special Purpose.

The Temp is an asshole. His stories are lies and his life is a lie. This web site is dedicated to letting you know how much BS is being spewed by that asshole over at 'one more lame blog'. (you know, and also talking about bikes, cause how could he be my nemesis if in fact we did not long for some of the same things.... Then I wouldn't care, it would be like, "hey there is some guy I have no reason to make my nemesis or pursue dressed in this Halloween costume".)

But, alas, I am the Ninja of Truth against his army of lies. I shall rain down mad sentences to disparage him verbally and promote my own view until he succumbs to my throwing stars of logic. (that was gay).

The Temp would not know Chuck Norris if GrandMaster Chuck ripped his head off and deficated where his head once stood. Recognize.

On a lighter note, this weekend coming is Paris-Nice. My boys at CSC are going to once again destroy the peleton with their commander, GrandMaster Riis working the phones and driving it home.

What the fuck was Jan thinking? Why would you not go to Riis?

Ok, to summarize, ninja of truth, GrandMasters Norris and Riis, CSC. Think about that biotches.